Cell Site Analysis investigation system

The world's most advanced Cell Site Analysis, evidence capture, signal survey and mapping solution

Cell Site Analysis equipment

Cell Site Analysis (CSA) and Call Mapping (CM) is the science of reconstructing the physical movements of a mobile telephone or communication device. The evidence produced from such advanced investigations can be especially powerful in attributing contact between individuals, proximity to a scene of crime, patterns of movement of suspects, and testing the strength of alibi evidence

Cell Analyst from AFENTIS FORENSICS is the world's most advanced tool for Cell Site Analysis (CSA) investigations. Engineered to provide cutting edge capabilities that allow police officers and forensic analysts to secure Best Evidence in a single click.

  • Designed for the modern crime scene analyst - comprehensive telecommunication assessments at the push of a button, unique testing features, and with results securely uploaded back to the headquarters.
  • Designed for the modern investigator - automatically assess network communication records (CDRs), with graphical representations of patterns/trends and instant generation of detailed call & cell site maps.
  • Designed for the modern lawyer - addressing conventional frailties and shortcomings to secure new levels of Best Evidence which have been tested in real trial proceedings.